Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BEST SKI BOOK #5: The High Country Illuminator

Ok so far we have looked at history books, how to books and books that are all of those and more. The book High Country Illumitnator by Daniel Ford is a book of fiction. It was written in 1971 and is basically a stream of thought book that is more Hunter S. Thompson than anything else! I am not by any means saying that this is a GOOD book, I am saying however that it is an interesting book. It is about a ski bum called the "High Country Illuminator" that arrives in "avalon"(Ski area in CO) and tries to get a job, get laid, party, ski and eventually becomes a protester against " The corporations that run the resorts, that exploit these light hearted kids who could care less as long as the skiing holds out. The High Country Illuminator made the scene and was responsible for the the Winter of the Great Ski Bum Rebellion."
There is really no reason to read this book other than the fact that it is a funny, funny book that happens to be about skiing in the early 1970's. Not sure why most of my books gravitate towards that time period, but I think it is because I can relate to my parents skiing then and also because it was a peak of the sport as far as popularity. Actually as far as these books are concerned I am a fair weather book collector at best and dont pretend to have a library worth reading, I do come to find some fun ones from time to time and if they are priced right I pick them up and like to pass them around. So if you enjor reading random stuff on skiing stay tuned.

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