Monday, November 27, 2006

Best SKI BOOK #6: Skiers Paradise, the 100 best ski runs in North America

I bet that Morton Lund and Bob Laurie had a great time writing this book. It was published in 1967 and highlights the 100 best ski runs in North America (at that time!...let it be said things may have changed since then). I love this book because it is an oversized volume with some classic old school ski photos. On top of that it lends at least 36 of the top 100 ski runs to eastern ski resorts, and maybe 15 of those to VT. Being a hard core eastern skier this makes my heart feel good. There are some great shots of "Upper Nose Dive" at Stowe (that being the giant ski jump looking thing right behind the stone hut) groomed and in use. These days Upper Nose Dive is hikers only and only if you want a good couple of powder turns. There are also plenty of shots of resorts that are no longer with us and it gives a good idea of what those resorts were like before they went bankrupt.
I found this book at an antique dealer when I was doing a solo canoe trip down the Wisconsin River last year. I was paddling town to town and camping on the river at night. Good trip, one evening after a beer at the pub I stopped in at this dealers place, saw the book then suffered keeping it dry for a couple more days on the river. Made for fun reading though.....

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