Monday, November 06, 2006

Sondre Norheims final resting place is in North Dakota

Most people who are really into Telemark and backcountry skiing know who Sondre Norheim is. He is the guy that was born in Morgedal, Norway in the Telemark valley and he is the guy that developed the famed telemark turn (yes it is a turn, NOT a sport). Sondre is deified in our sport as the start, the mind, the prophet and the just basically the MAN. Very few people however know where Sondre ended up. We all know the basic history as to the developement of the turn, the ski, the binding and the eventual turn technique which really was more about landing then turning, it took others to start linking them and take them down steeper slopes. In any case once the turn is established we forget about the man. Well, it turns out that Sondre came to America and even more specifically to the MN territory along with the other myriad of Scandanavian immigrants in the mid 1800's. He homesteaded a farm in what later turned out to be Minot, ND and actually passed away before his family could actually obtain ownership of the land. Sondre kept skiing to the end however and inspired a whole generation of Nordic skiers that eventually defined skiing as we know it here in the USA.

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Musky Tom said...

Jeg hetter Tommy, aka Musky Tom! Jeg comma fra Norge the mother country!

Hei Norge en tusen tukk to Sondre and the Telmark Turn!

To many snorkel deep days this winter!