Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Day bike ride

So as is the tradition here in Thomson, MN we had the annual Turkey swat bike ride. It is usually a mis-matched group and this year was no exception. We had The Gus, The Marg, Dagger Dave and me. The weather was outstanding. Sunny and 50 degrees and the trails were nice and dry. Best crash went to Gus who is still learning the ins and outs (literally) of his new clipless pedals, although Margaret was a close second. Best off the couch went to Dave who has ridded maybe twice all year but still kept the pace, plus rode all the Gnar.
Upon returning we sat down to a 21lb organically raised Turkey that was raised by the Fischer-Merritt farm a stones throw down the road, actually all the food came from there as we have a winter share with them and get a truck load of veggies every month from them!

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