Thursday, December 21, 2006


Got up this morning to Weather Alerts and snow warnings. With that in mind I knew that I had to get the black ice shots I had planed for my next flick. After a quick scope of the conditions (the ice has not been the thickest lately) I called it safe and grabbed Brad Nelson for my subject. A few hours later and many logistical snafu's overcome (picture one is us at the Ski Hut mounting bindings.........hmmm where were those bindings?????) we got on the ice and shot some of the most stunning footage I have ever seen. The ice was absolute perfect, other than the fact that it was starting to crack due to the flow that the power company was throwing down it as we were on it! Made for some scary sounds for sure. I did some cool shots with a handheld boom, and was super happy with them. We got home to review that footage however and quickly realized that as we had review each shot we had forgotten to FF and taped over the best of them!~ Rookies, rookies rookies. Despite that though it was a killer day.

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