Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two Fat Guys on a Bike

This was the name on the title of this picture I found at the MN State Historical Society. I have been finding these crazy pictures while doing research on some material I am thinking of using in my next film.


J.J. Kelley said...

Hi Hansi,

Sorry Hansie I could not find another way to contact you.

I enjoyed your film Switch to Receive at the Spirit of the North Film Festival. Your cinematography is crisp and I loved the shots of falling snow over the BC mountains.

I presented Pedal to the Midnight Sun. It was our first attempt at making a film. I loved the experience and would like to pursue adventure filmmaking.

Currently I am finishing my coursework at UMD and am looking for an academic internship somehow connects to adventure film. Tom Beery suggested that you might have an ideas for an internship possability.

Thanks for your time.


J.J. Kelley said...

Sorry my email is: