Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two Tickets to Paradise

We just bought our tickets to Norway so we can ski the Sesilami 50km ski race in the Setesdal valley. This is the region where Sondre is from and I am struck by the fact that some of the views remind me of Minnesota. It has a killer climb is a classic technique race, with a 10km skate section to the finish. I am pretty pumped, just hope we get snow here soon!


Musky Tom said...

Looks like the race ends at Brekke. Thats my mom's last name! Say Hi to my relatives!

Turi said...

Hi Hansi,
I am very excited for you and Margaret. I know the area you are going to and am certain you are going to love it! My cousin said it has been raining a lot lately, but hopefully there will be lots of snow by the time you get there! Best of luck with the race and have a great time!