Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rumor has it that Golden Alpine holidays was sold by Alison D. last week

Has been a mainstay in the BC powder industry for over a decade and Alison was the main driving force of its success. I wish her and Dave the best in their future endeavors. When I start to see snow and I think about skiing powder I will always think of Alison and GAH.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Gus IS the Man.

We poured the concrete slab for our sauna this weekend. The living rock will be incorporated into the sauna room itself, the back bench will be against it. The rest of the slab is for a stretching room and an outdoor shower for Margaret.
Sauna on!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Guest blogger: Darren Bush of Rutabaga "oils" poetic.

Yesterday I left work early for the first time in ages.

I decided to spend the last sunny, warm day I could count on to oil gunwales on my canoes. It was a little over 50 degrees but the sun made it feel a little better...and the wood soaked up my special elixir with a little help from the hair dryer. My special elixir sounds a little suspect, I bet, but there's just linseed oil and beeswax, no snake oil or anything. It does make your hands smell good after hand-rubbing it into your wood gunwales.

I also took some time to paint a paddle with some funky patterns I learned from my friend, Aaron York, an Abenaki Algonquin from Quebec. It's not high art, but it was a good time. I also baseball stitched a few leather paddle grips on a new paddle I just got so when I pry off the gunwales it doesn't dent the paddle or the gunwale.

My wife thought it was strange that I would spend a beautiful day oiling dry gunwales when I could have been on the water. Maybe, but for some reason it just felt like the right thing to do; just putz around in my driveway with some canoe that needed a little extra love...or a lot in the case of one boat. The wood was gray as death, and after a little coaxing with a cabinet scraper and some sandpaper, clean, white ash appeared under the shroud. Then I started spreading the magic elixir...what a great afternoon...I wish I had more canoes to oil.

ED. NOTE. It is my hope that this blog is a way to tie the many outdoor communities that I visit every summer together. I visit 50+ paddle shops each summer and am always privileged to learn a little bit about how that community lives plays and works.
Each retail shop is a kernel that these communities center on and radiate from, so if you want to find the cool things in those towns you go to the shops, work hard, make friends and eventually the people let you in on some of the better things to do in their towns. IE the best singletrack, the quickest cool paddle or the ski trail that nobody knows about, and then maybe the best pub in town when it is all over. In the big picture we are all one large community, it starts with the town, then goes to the region, then goes to the Midwest, then goes to the overall outdoor community at large..... This is the first blog in a series that hopefully will bring in some great personalities from across the Midwest paddle and outdoor community.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Opening weekend at Cabelas in Mitchell South Dakota

After a summer of working hard at sales events and seeing what the Outdoor Industry and the Paddle Sports Industry specifically considers a "successful" event I was blown away by the commerce that was going on at the Mitchell Cabelas the day before the pheasant hunting opener in South Dakota. The huge parking lot was completely full. Once inside you could not move an inch without hitting a person. There had to be about 1500 people there while I was visiting. The shop was open until 11pm and a buddy of mine stopped in about 10pm and said it was just about as full then as it was while I was there at 4pm, he had to stand in line to purchase a permit. A quick look at the paper told me that pheasant hunting alone brings about 108 million dollars to the state of South Dakota annually, I would say that Cabelas was taking a good chunk of that. The pin picture shows the number and scope of people visiting the store on that weekend alone...... camo kayak anyone????

more good red necks

Well yeah I am a redneck too.........

So this weekend I participated in a long standing family tradition. The Pheasant opener in South Dakota. It is a time to see family, visit friends and just plain be outside checking out the great plains. Oh yeah we also shoot guns and drink a little bit too!

I am back in the saddle again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is just a very, very short walk from our back door.......like 400 feet

It was a very dry year in the Lake Superior Basin

We had an extremely dry, humid free summer for 2006. The rivers were very low and that was a bummer but the singletrack was super spanky at one point it was almost hitting road bike speeds!

Sweat hot love

Check this baby out. Heats up the water while you stew, then you can take a shower afterwards!

I was out poaching just the other day and found this!

Some of the best biking is the biking that we cant really speak about.

Top this......

Leaking Coffee pot gaskets really piss me off!

Anybody have any suggestions on how to make those freaking seals last longer? I have been spray painting our kitchen for far too many mornings!

Kick Ass Trip to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Margaret and I had a killer 10 day trip up to Ontario and paddled the Woodland Caribou Wilderness. We caught tons of fish including Walleyes, Lake Trout and Northern Pike. At night we heard wolves and owls and slept like babies in the brisk fall weather.

Big Swim Day at Adventure Duluth

Nope not an Ocean, Lake Superior. Leg one Adventure Duluth, five more servings to follow. Sea Kayak, Mountain Bike, In-line skate, whitewater paddle and trail run still to come.....