Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sorry for the long Holiday lull on Universal Klister

So yeah, we went on the long holiday tour this season. It was killer, saw lots of people that we have not seen in years and that was cool.
What was not cool were the temps though. We seem to be hanging on in the high 30's. If this keeps up we will be seeing all sorts of riff raff moving up here! We have always counted on the cold keeping out the population!
We did have two storms move through. The first dropped a nice 4 inches of snow and it was looking good as the second storm was right on the first heels so I was dreaming of another 6 inches on top and we would be rocking. Not to be however, we got a record one inch of rain, then a meager 2 inches on top of that for a net loss. So now we are sitting worse than we started. Oh well what can you do?
Here are some shots of the little bit of mirth we had before the rain!

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