Monday, March 05, 2007

Day five or so, Salt Lake City and Elmo and Kass's Wedding

Boy I could write a ton about this post.
I am not much on going heavy on a backcountry trip but the one time I can, is for a wedding. With that said, we hauled a whole bunch of shit up the mountain for Kass and Elmo's wedding and it was worth every ounce of effort. Not many out there will get this expression but for those who do, this slog was on par with the "Russ Shackelton" adventure we had in BC a few years back. Yeah it was epic. Craig Hatten was the acting Reverend and he looked the part, both Elmo and Kass had the proper attire and we also built them a church of sorts on this crazy knoll that had a 180 view of the Wasatch. The wedding arch was a BD probe pole that Hatten draped pine boughs over it. After the event we had steak and Crab legs for the wedding dinner and of course plenty of champagne! The way out was a hell trip too, snow up high, rain down low so we had to haul sleds down 1500 vert of mud rock and water.....

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