Monday, March 05, 2007

Day three and four, old buds make good partners in crime

I hit the Bozone to do a quick visit with some old friends. I was very lucky to stay with Martin and Lexy, some great friends from Duluth who have relocated to Montana. Martin and I skied Bohart and then flew his kite in the park for the evening. At Bohart we ran into some other old buds. John Skemp and Doug Mastreleo are the main characters at Bohart Ranch near Bridger Bowl. It was really good to see some dyed in the wool, hard core nordic ski bums in their element (although they might take offense at the term). John is a family friend from MN and I worked with Doug at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky years ago. We skied LMR and it was glorious. On my way out of town I also skied West Yellowstone and saw these crazy snow fleas, they were blooming and dying in the tracks, there were so many that they turned the snow purple!

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