Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old School

This man is Torlief Harstad. He is a farmer from Valle, Norway. He is also one of the first founders of the Sesilami Nordic Ski Marathon, 50km from Sirdal to Setesdal. He also happens to be a distant relative of my wife Margaret. We stayed with Torlief for about four days and I learned so much about life, skiing and history that it made my head spin. Torleif comes from the old school days of ski racing and ski care. IE, he gets his skis ready with a blowtorch and a farm trailer. He is 60 and he is most likely tougher than you. That is not a joke, I was 23rd in my age class (36-39) but looking at the 60-65 age class I would have been 24th! In other words 23 men up to 65 years of age kicked my ass in that race!

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