Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye to one of the best writers in the world

Breakfast of Champions if by far my favorite book in the whole world. All of us have an exit date, but even so I feel sad to see Kurt Vonnegut leave the building.

So it goes


Anonymous said...


I can still remember chuckling myself awake in a sleeping bag while reading Cat's Cradle on a high school camp out. Vonnegut is a loss.

...The Kent Road house is sold---moving to Esko in August. I would love to


Greg Hexum

mattdare said...

My first Vonnegut book was Galapagos. When I was teaching I would always introduce the unit on evolution by reading the section that describes future humans laying around on the beach, still thinking farts are funny.

Since "farts are funny" is somewhat of a mantra for me, this started a love affair with his writing. -Matt

Loki said...

Nice one Matt. Farts are funny right? Hope the fam is good!