Thursday, April 26, 2007

In the spirit of Charlie Farrow's Easy out, frantic return post

I was reading Charile Farrows blog yesterday about his frantic ride to find some lost sunglassed and had to laugh ( Certainly there are many TYPES of rides that can develope. Some pretty chill, some exciting and some are really just a pain in the ass. Later in the day I hopped on the road bike after a stressful afternoon on the phone. A ride was needed and a ride was what was going to happen. As I pedaled out of the driveway I had this nagging feeling that I had forgotten something. I went through a mental check list as to my pump, tube, Gu, money, music etc. I wanted to go for the ride that could just keep going if I felt good, who knows the sky is the limit right?
About 2.5 hours later I was at an intersection and I had the ability to either add on another five miles or maybe just jet home. For some reason I decided to look at the watch and see what the actual time of the day was. HMMM 4.45pm. OH shit! I have to be at the County Historical Society Board Meeting at 5pm! So yeah, I was about to have the, I am twenty minutes from home, but have to be there in 10 ride. After a solid ride on top of it. I think that these rides would be beneficial if they were not so stressful. Especially when it pulls you out of the nice mindset that you were having before. Most things I would just shrug my shoulders and say, no worries. But being on the board of directors with other people who are serious about it means that you had better go for it! Ughgh, my old man legs and barrell of a belly were hard to stoke but I made it, only about five minutes late for the meeting. Anway, Charlie. Add that to the list of ride archetypes......maybe in there with the Tuesday night slaughter rides that go on around the country like clockwork.

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Charlie Farrow said...

Hansi...Great minds think alike...but we just don't think:)