Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Starfire is creative no matter what he does!

A friend of mine here in Duluth found this note and posted it to
You should check it out it is classic. I have to say, Starfire is the king of Duluth pop culure in my opinion and this is the crowning moment!

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ben said...


First, thanks for stopping by Wicked Outdoorsy on occasion and leaving some insightful comments. Second, looks like we've got an awful lot in common... biking, skiing, axes, saws. It's a healthy mix, eh?

The winter is pretty much done; still lots of cover up high, but I'm in bike mode, cruising the mud-soft dirt roads on my x bike. Good resistance training, and I need it. Ate too much pig this winter.

Surprised our paths never crossed in VT, tho maybe I shouldn't be. Cabot's a long ways from anywhere.

Be well,