Monday, May 14, 2007

Three RIvers Demo and HPT trail report

I had a demo for the Three Rivers store in Lacrosse, WI. It was a great weekend. A good demo/sale plus it is always good to hang on old Miss and do some great single track riding as well. The hazy pic is actually the smoke that has traveled 400 miles south from the BWCA fires. As many of you know I am a singletrack addict and usually ride where ever I can. This was my first time on the HPT trails. ( I would say the comment on the sign that says "The best Trails in WI" is pretty close. I give the trails an A+ for sure. The only comment I would have is that they have too many log hops, many are rideable but most are gnarly chain ring breakers. I see why they are there, to slow speeds down but that could be accomplished with less hops and more switchbacks, that way the flow of the trail would not be inhibited. As it stands now the trail has fun sections but once you hit that flow we all love in MTB riding you are forced to do an awkward hop or worse, get off the bike.

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