Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WILCO in Duluth

Low goes on tour with Wilco, now Wilco is suddenly coming to Duluth. Is there any question that good culture breeds better culture?


greg said...

Hmm... but no mention of Low playing at this show? Is it just a given? Or too much to hope for?

Loki said...

Ha! Yeah who knows if Low will be out there or not, I am sure if they can they will be, in either case we have a world class act hanging in d-town in August!

Greg in VT said...

Saw Wilco at Shelburne Museum in Vermont last week. Great show! I brought my 2 kids (2 years and 2 months), they had a blast. There were a bunch of kids at the show. Tweedy seemed to enjoy their presence. Unfortunatley missed Low's set. Heard their last song in the parking lot. It still sounded good.