Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Enbridge Oil plans pipeline through our neighborhood

Huh, sometimes you read the craziest things in the paper. I was sitting down to lunch and saw this in the Wall Street Journal. Looking at the map it looks like this freaking thing is coming straight on through either the BWCA, Voyageurs or close to it and then straight down the St.Louis River Valley to the Twin Ports. My head spins with the fears of what beautiful places are going to be crushed by this for a few last gasps of using oil to run our economy and our world. How pointless is this going to be in 20 years? So stupid.


weak and feeble said...


I hope life is treating you well. Good luck with the film.

Maybe after the oil all runs out they can cut the top half of the pipeline off and make a really long luge run.



Anonymous said...

Actually, the pipeline will be built along two exsiting pipelines that have been transporting crude oil for years. This method of transporting oil has its advantages. The main one is eliminating the need for shipping by truck, railroad or ocean going ships (oil spill hazards). Even though it may look like it passes near the BWCAW, it's miles away.