Friday, July 20, 2007

Picnic with Nikolai and Roar by the Shore

So there are a couple of really cool things going on this weekend that I wont be able to attend. The bummer of being a kayak rep in the best time of the year. Anyway first we have a really cool get together with Nikolai Anikan at the Snowflake Nordic Center here in Duluth. If you remember my previous post Nikolai is the guy who has multiple Olympic medals and was also a nordic ski coach for the USSR. He is currently battling cancer so this is a time for people to get together and support him. Here is where to get the beta
The other milestone this weekend is the last Roar by the Shore at the soon to be defunct Red Lion Club. The last time I stepped into the Red Lion Club the first thing I saw was a Dwarf dancing with a rather shabbily dressed lady of the night. Changed me forever. In any case the Black Eyed Snakes are going to be playing there and that makes it worth it all over again.

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Anonymous said...

There is another great event, a couple of them, at the Summer OR hosted by the Conservation Alliance; topic is preserving the Arctic wilderness.