Friday, July 27, 2007

Thanks to Pro Video
I just wanted to say thanks to Tom, Steve and Jack at Pro Video for all thier help on the production end of making my stupid little flick possible. If not for them it would not be showing tonight at the Free Range Fest (maybe we should regret that!). Also because of them we are going to be able to have a few extra copies to sell and give away. So stay tuned if you want a copy of Cross Country with the Snakes as it maybe available on in the next month or so.


the dharma bum said...

Hope the fest went well... I sure would love to see this film, so do let us know if it's available!

(If not, how about YouTube?) :)

Loki said...

Hey Dharma!
I will have more info on where to get the flick soon. I shudder to post it on You Tube. Let me say why, because I am a huge fan of You Tube (every Family Guy episode is on there!). Not sure if you have seen it but the Belarus vid I made for Low is on there. The quality is so rough and ugly. It hurts me everytime I see it. So much of those shots rely on the subtle winter light and that is gone on You Tube. The same could be said on the Snakes Flick. The beauty of the shots are lost and if that is lost, what do you have left, story but hey the thing is 13 minutes long and nobody on You Tube is going to give that kind of time. A trailer might be worth it though. I am going to submit it to a bunch of other MN film fests and I will keep people in touch on those as well. Lastly, and I hate selling stuff like this, it will be at, I just have to get Al Sparhawk to sit still for 15 minutes to get him a bunch of copies.
I checked out your site, I love it. My family is from Stillwater, actually Marine but pretty close. My grandfather was this crazy outdoors guy, Clinton "buck" Johnson who invented Deer Scent!

the dharma bum said...

Very insightful comments regarding YouTube and point well-taken. I didn't figure any self-respecting filmmaker would put their stuff on there. :) At least, one more concerned with the art than the money. (BTW - I have seen the Belarus vid on YouTube and loved it, even with the low quality.) Good luck with the other fests and I sure hope I can see it sometime.

Do you by any chance know Gail and George Huschle? They're good friends of my parents (lived in Lakeland for many years and are in Grand Marais now) and I'm almost positive that one of their fathers was Buck Johnson! Small, small world.

Glad you liked my blog, thanks!

Loki said...

Hey Dharma!
Yeah you got that right. The Huschles are my aunt and uncle. Now residents of Grand Marais. So maybe you know my cousin "the great Hush" of Seattle?

the dharma bum said...

Loki - What a random, small world it is! The last time I saw John I was probably about six years old! My wife and I did stop up to George and Gail's place last winter though. Not a bad spot to retire to!

Next time you see them, ask to hear some stories about traveling around Bosnia with Joan and Doug, those are my folks and they've got some funny tales from those adventures.

All the best.

Snorre Tonset said...

Hello Hansi!

You probably don't remember me, but I knew you and Aran as Kids in 1976/77. I stayed at your grandparents house as a foreign exchange student.
I came over your blog while searching information about my old host family, which has been kinda hard to find.

Funny thing! I work with documentaries with the Norwegian television corp. where I've been for 24 years now.
I haven't heard from your uncle Larry for years so if You know his whereabouts i'd be glad to hear from you. I hope your parents Margareth and Bruce are well. I'll come back here later

Loki said...

Hey Snorre! Of course I remember you. I remember maybe even when you came on a return trip a bit later? In any case I know who you are and my Grandfather spoke often of you even up to the last few years of his life. In fact my wife and I went to Norway this past spring and did a super fun ski trip, loads of Alpine Touring and we even did the Sesilami 50km in Sirdal. While I was there I was thinking that it might be interesting to track you down but sort of gave up on the idea. I would be super interested in speaking with you. A lot has happened in the family in the past few years, yet many things are still the same. Also, I had heard of your media connection and your career and currently my interest is in ski documentary and I think that Norway has some retro footage that I may end up needing to explore. Plus, Margaret and I want to someday live in Norway! Hah, that might be the tough one! Hey my direct address is
Great to hear from you!