Thursday, August 23, 2007

Loss and sadness
It has been an extremely dissapointing stretch the last few days. I am stuck down at the Madison Midwest rep show, a totally lame and dead event for me. On top of that I learned about this latest trail developement. We are losing the greenspace in the town of Duluth so fast it is making my head spin. But that is not all. I heard last night that there might be a Cabelas super store slapped on the exit to my home. To put this in perspective, we live in a very slow moving rural and scenic place, to think that a Cabelas is coming and with all the trash it brings with it is crushing my heart. But what hurts me more is to speak to friends and neighbors who's only retort is that they should take the opportunity and buy land so they can profit on the increased value. That makes me sad, we dont fight anymore, we just get in line and accept the bullshit and indeed make money on it. Sad.


dharma bum said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. Perhaps there is nothing like the travesties of unchecked development to hurt a lot of people. Places that I have loved all my life are now generic housing tracts, big box stores, malls, parking lots. Those that aren't already have developments creeping toward them over the hills. In 20 years I wonder how many of those small wild places that I love will still be as I remember them. It is truly really painful. Good luck in resisting the threats to your own places. It's worth it.

About canoelover... said...

After walking through a Cabela's and seeing the shitty varnished pine "God Bless Our Cabin" signs that are screen printed in China, it's hard not to agree with you. They are amazing merchants -- able to sell trash to cockroaches -- but that doesn't mean it's moral to do so. I just turned down a huge margin line because a) the stuff is crap and b) it would be sold in place of stuff that is not crap.

While Dicks still strikes me as the Walmart of the Big Box Sporting Goods Retailer, Cabelas seems like a DicksMart with a better interior decorator.

Non illegitimus carborundum,


Anonymous said...

Death to little girl sez: "I think it weird how some people put the heads of cool animals on their walls, whatz that all about?..." Boy does she got that right...of course on the plus side, we will all be able to buy night-vision scopes for our paramilitary rifles to allow for easier huntin'...The end is near my friend!!!!