Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OR Showing went well
So the Ibex party went really well. Actually surprisingly well. There was a point though where things could have gone horribly wrong. The showing was at the famed Carlton hotel. Sort of a Utah version of Faulty Towers. For some reason there were intermitent power outages going on. So when the AV guy dropped the projector system off and set it up all seemed great. Of course once we had 80 sweaty, buzzed people stuffed in there and staring at me the power surged and the projector reset itself! The AV guy had split and we all know the nuances of the those stupid projector, so there was a few moments of no image and I was close to panicking! Luckily though it kicked off and we showed some good flicks and people seemed to be happy about the films. Really it was the first time that I had a room full of Outdoorsy people watch Cross Country With The Snakes and the reaction was very different than the average film fest. Obvioulsy these people had a connection to the subject matter! I also showed Benny's Ski Boys flick and they loved that even more!

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