Monday, August 27, 2007

Stand Up Paddling!

So since all the hype is out there on Stand Up Surfing/Paddling I decided to give it a try. This past OR show a bunch of guys from C4 Waterman came and gave us a surprise presentation telling the CD sales force that we would be selling the C4 stand up gear. Boards, paddles (actually produced by us) and also the Uli inflatable travel board. I think that we were all a bit curious as to what the potential sales were for this product, but myself I was curious about how it worked! So after the Madison show I accidentally ended up with the Uli in my truck. I took it out for a day on Gull lake in flat conditions and got the hang of standing on it and making it move. The Uli is obviously a slow board but it was super forgiving. Then yesterday I took the same board out on Lake Superior, Park Point. This is the perfect time of year on the big lake. The water was super warm and there was light 8 inch ot a foot chop that was actually setting up enough to spot a bigger wave. Let me tell you that with live water this is really, really hard. I was all over the place! Getting out was like standing on a ball, turning was super touchy and surving in was incredibly hard. After about an hour I was beat. I did pick up a few tricks though and I do think that this is something I will pursue.

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