Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ATV fight in Vilas County WI
While traveling in NE WI last week I was listening to the ever present NPR/WPR in the truck. WPR is big on regional talk shows so I was intrigued when a show about the proposed ATV trail in Vilas County came on. The interesting part about it was that a few years ago the trail was voted down 2-1. It was a decisive NO to ATV's and the majority of Vilas County residents said they would rather see the ATV's take a hike (literally) than ride. Well somehow these guys are back at it. On the show they had the head spokesperson of both sides and it was great to hear how many people called in to rip this dude (ATV guy) a new one. It was really cathartic for me. In any case if it sounds like it did on the radio I dont think the ATV lobby has made any ground in Vilas County. Or at least I hope not.
Here is a letter on line FOR the trail


Anonymous said...
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Loki said...
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Loki said...

Hey JJ
Thanks for the comments! I was just trying to figure out a better way to respond and I screwed up on editing my post which screwed up yours as well. In anycase you were speaking to my liberal side, and I have to say yes it is totally there, especially when it comes to ATV's. They are truly trashing our Northern Forests. As to the same activists trying to ban deer hunting as well, I dont think that the same two issues go hand in hand here in MN. Indeed if the ATV's keep going the way they are up here , we wont have anywhere to hunt anyway. My grandfather would agree 100% with me on that one. As to being liberal or conservative, this country used to have a middle ground, now it seems to be them or us, well there are plenty of liberal hunters and plenty of liberal ATV riders as well, politics aside I hate those machines and dont feel that hunting and outdoor experience should need motor operation.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother, to borrow ORS' tag line, muscles not motors. Sounds like you guys have more of an infestation there than we do here. My only thought is that snomobiles were the bane of VT utill VAST came along and they self regulate pretty well least they stay on their side of the fence. My best to Margret.