Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking for a good local sawmill!

I am looking for a good local sawmill that can supply me with some local Ship Lap siding. Any ideas?


rna said...

Lester River Sawmill
5769 Rice Lake Road

Shawn said...

It's further away than Lester River, but I really like East Dhu River Sawmill in Eveleth. Locally-harvested wood and great customer service. Talk to Conrad @ 218-744-1788

Loki said...

Hey Shawn and RNA! Thanks for the info. Now I have two places I can confuse with my strange requests!
Shawn I hope your project is going well! Most likely will stop by once the snow flies.
Hey RNA, time for India Palace soon?

rna said...

perhaps sometime next week?

Anonymous said...

I believe Joe Tatjes has a table saw and likes to make sawdust.

bjm said...

Has anyone tried One At A Time Lumber Company out of Meadowlands, MN. They harvest your own wood and make anything you would like... flooring, paneling, furniture, etc. Check out their website.