Tuesday, September 11, 2007

North Eastern WI swing. Langlade to Door Counties...

I look forward to this swing every year. I go to some of the best that WI has to offer in both riding and in paddling. As is the tradition I went to the single track trails in the Washburn Lakes County Forest. There are a multitude of ski trails here but some of the local woodchucks have also made some great singletrack trails. Unfortunately there are no maps of the singletrack trails. Last year I was lost for two hours and came home in the dark. This year I had a better idea but they added a bunch of new trails so I still got my share of confusion but I would say this is a system worth exploring. Door County is always an adventure. I stay at the Pennisula State Park in Fish Creek and I love to ride on the paved trails there. They are crazy! Paved or gravel they go through some of the coolest sea scapes and mature Cedar forests I have ever seen. I would say hitting the Sunset Trail at sunset could be one of most stunning things you can do in the Midwest if not in the country. And of course there is the final party with Bayshore that always gets a little bit out of control and this year was no different. I look to survive this party as it comes at the end of the season full of parties and events and sales and yet this one seems to be the party to end all parties. I made it only mildly wounded.

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Anonymous said...

Man I wish you would just have a couple of kids and get serious and miserable like me. Hansi you life is way to cool.