Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its official. "Cross Country with the Snakes" is on the Banff world Tour!
Just so there is no confusion here. The Snakes flick made the world tour. That means that it will go to 480 possible screenings world wide. The way it works is that the film is put into a small catalog of about 25 films and the individual screenings pick which films they feel will be best for their markets. So who knows how many will view the snakes, but I do know that three have picked it already, one being our local showing here in Duluth. The film DID NOT make it however as a finalist in the actual feature version of the Banff fest held in Banff. In either case, after multiple attempts at getting into Banff, I am least part of the festival. Hopefully what I learn from here will give me a chance at someday being a finalist. The Banff version of the Snakes flick will be slightly edited as Banff wants shorts for the tour. So about three minutes of the original film will not be there. There will however be a slate that advertises where people can pick up the DVD if they want to watch the full version. Actually, that will be


Anonymous said...

congrats Hansi, thats awesome.

dharma bum said...

Congratulations! That's really great. The movie kicks a** by the way.

Do you know if it will be showing at the Midwest Mountaineering Winter Expo screening?

mk said...

congrats Hansi! Very, very cool.
Looking forward to seeing the flick again.