Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Snakes" selected to show at the Rossland Mountain Film Festival

So the nice people in BC took a look at the flick and loved it. I think that the qoute about the "snakes skiing" was something like" we laughed our asses off" now that is my kind of film selection board. Gotta love the Canadians!


Finn said...

is this film available on the web? or a trailer? i liked belarus a lot and linked to it from theCORgroup .


Loki said...

Hey Finn!
Thanks for the input. So you can check out "Snakes" at a couple of places. If Banff comes to a theater near you, it will hopefully be showing there. It will also be for sale on www.chairkickers.com, on the Store page. $10 bucks, includes shipping and handling. It is not on there now but you can email them to get on the list. I wish I could justify putting it on You Tube but the quality is so bad it just kills me. Really, you should see Belarus on a good monitor, totally different flick.