Friday, October 05, 2007

"Where will you ski Today?"

My life is filled with long stories and this post is the culmination of one of them. The new Karhu Blog has just recently posted my Low Video "Belarus". That makes me happy as, perhaps the few people who will appreciate Brads skiing and my filmaking will be visiting that site. Karhu is certainly THE original company to come up with the idea of "total" skiing. Its heritage is incredibly deep in the mantra of go light, go fast and do it in style on minimal gear. It truly is amazing that Karhu still exists and all skiers should be pumped that a company like K2 (Jarden) should still have the sense of style and history to keep two historical nordic brands like Karhu and Madshus around. What is even better is that two New England dudes have had the pleasure to still be working at Karhu even with its move out west. Charlie and Graham are giving it a really solid effort and it shows.

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