Monday, November 19, 2007

Three Showings down at the Banff Mountain Film Festivus

So far there have been at least three showings for my film at Banff. Maybe more, not sure what has been going on in some of the other states that receive the tour. In Minneapolis, there was an unannounced showing on Friday night. So many people complained that they wanted to see the flick on Friday, since Sat was sold out that they had to pop it up at the end of the Friday showing. The venue in Minneapolis sat 700 people and they sold it out both nights. I can honestly say it was perhaps the first time I had to speak in front of 700 people! The stoke there was really awesome. Duluth was much smaller and I knew more people and felt great to have a film at my local venue, in world class tour.
Thanks to Narum for the pic.


Anonymous said...

Hans, sorry we missed your video! Congratulations on all your exposure and we can't wait to see it when we visit next!
Much love
Cousin Sara!~

samh said...

Hansi -

I had the pleasure of viewing your film both in Mpls and Duluth. I thoroughly enjoyed it both times as I'm an avid Snakes fan. I look forward to viewing the film in it's entirety to see more hot Snakes footage!


dharma bum said...

Let me join in congratulating you, Hansi. I wish I could have made one of the showings, but I'm glad I was able to get a copy of the DVD. Anyway, glad it's gotten such positive reception. I can't think of a more seemingly-unlikely yet more fitting pairing than skiing and the Snakes. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Great job Hansi! Love that photo. Snowing here today and the hill is opening Friday. Have a new BC stash that I think you need to see! Hope all is well and happy Thanksgiving to you and M