Thursday, December 06, 2007

The films of Andy Newell

Every once and awhile you run into a kindred spirit in something that you do or like to do. I have never met Andy Newell and most likely never will but his films remind me of my younger self, only I never skied like he does! Anyway you can check them out at
His web site is at


dharma bum said...

Holy crap. A backflip?

Reminds me of me and my buddies screwing around at x-country ski practice. Building little jumps and stuff. But doing doing backflips. Or catching 20' of air... Wow. What a nut. God bless him. :)

Anonymous said...

In VT there are only 3 degrees of separation, Andy Newalls Dad is a very good friend of mine, you may meet him yet......have a great holiday my best to Margaret.

jb said...

If I only had an ACL...

Front flip. Italy.
Justin Beckwith

jb said...

Hey thats me.

Justin Beckwith