Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Booked our tickets to Whitegrass

When I worked as a ski rep out in New England, year after year a really strange guy would stroll up to me, pull out a clear jar of moonshine and toast with me to how wonderful it was to live life in the mountains and to be a skier. His name is Chip Chase and he is the brainchild behind the Whitegrass Ski Touring Center in West Virginia. So after all these years, I am finally going to go with Margaret and some friends from DC to visit this famed and deeply spiritual ski place in the Canaan Valley.


dharma bum said...

I checked out the link and it looks like it should be a blast! You ever ski at Giant's Ridge?

You'll have to forgive a really basic question, but after years of saying I was going to finally get back into skiing (I skied -- poorly -- with Stillwater all through my formative years), with the recent snow I really think this might be the winter. Anyway, funds are limited of course, and I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for gear... Sure would appreciate your opinion on it.

When are you heading to Whitegrass?

Anonymous said...

A most excellent choice ! They certainly get the snow.
Check out Mountain State Brewing & the White Grass Cafe, of course.
fint øl !
Have a good trip

Anonymous said...

Just to follow up on my last won't believe me but Chip's daughter is Dickie Halls Step daughter and lives down the street from me......I told you it was 3 degrees...enjoy WVA