Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Governers Cup at Camp Ripley

It was an interesting and bitter sweet weekend for the Marg and I. We went to the Governers Cup 25 km race held at Camp Ripley, an Army National Guard base in central Minnesota. The reason we went was to see the Biathlon Training Facility that my Grandfather is atributed to creating. In fact he is given credit for establishing the whole recreational and winter training center there and was just recently promoted to the rank of Brevet Brigadier General for that act. A rare thing to do after a person death. (Buck died two years ago). It was an awesome thing to be skiing a course and realizing that the race would not have even taken place had it not been for my grandfather. Indeed it was the only thing that allowed me to finish the course. Within four minutes of skiing my heart went into a pretty heavy bout of A-fib and I had to flounder like a fish out of water for an hour and forty five minutes, literally walking and standing to finish, so needless to say the race was no fun for me but I was happy to be there to experience my grandfathers success.

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Anonymous said...

I hear that place is pretty hilly. I'm sure the big climbs get your ticker up to top speed in no time, causing you all kinds of problems.

Good job finishing it off!