Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Zero to 16

So Whitegrass had zero snow two days ago but just received a nice deep batch of the goods yesterday and last night. No skiing, to skiing in 24 hours. I was surfing around the web last night and saw a thread on Tele tips about skiing in the DC area. Almost everybody panned it, but there were a few that got it right. Whitegrass kicks ass. It is not about the vert, it is not about the snow depth, it is not about the nubmer of kilometers or the grooming. It is about the spirit and the passion and the people and Whitegrass has more of that than anywhere and it could be due to the feast or famine position it is in in regards to snow. All I know is that on Friday I am boarding a jet plane with Margaret for a party hillbilly style and it is going to be a ski to remember.


Ellie said...

Hello to another Duluthian - I spent a few months living in Davis, WV two winters ago and loved it, not only is Whitegrass an excellent place to hang out and ski, but the Purple Fiddle is quite amazing as well. I'm sure you'll be checking out the music there/ usually some really great groups playing, I had quite the time last year and miss the whole place terrible. Perfect weekend to head out of here, brrrr.

dharma bum said...

Nice. Hope you have a blast!