Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have skied with all of the people on this trip for years. I have had good conditions with them, I have had bad conditions with them, I have had insane adventures with them and I have endured tragedy with them. It has been really gratifying to have had the ability to spend alot of time with these people in my life. Life is too fast, too busy and too crowded with noise and we tend to not have traditions anymore. Well this trip has come to be a very important tradition in my life and in the life of the other people who have come on this trip. We dont all make it every year, certainly life intervenves from time to time but overall the people have mainly stayed pretty constant.
There is "Stick Boy" AKA Brian Cousins, there is "Dr.Evil" (Kim Miller), Eddy Bear, Eddy, Bill Woolston, Craig Hatten, Chris Clark, me, Mike Mead, Mark Kornmesser, Andrew the Android, Tree Calow. We missed a few regulars this year but we know we will see them again. Oh the stories that have come from this group.....

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