Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rich Marshall, Canadian Ski Guide

We are not the fastest group, we are not the most aggressive group but we are certainly a solidly passionate group of skiers. When I group is voracious like that two guides are needed for sure. All said and done the people that come on our trip, year to year are experienced backcountry skiers. However we have all come to the conclusion that having a professional guide has not only made us safer, it has amped up the amount and the quality of skiing we can do. Rich Marshall is perhaps one of the best guides in North America and I am sure if you went world wide he would be rubbing elbows at the top there too. Rich has guided this group on and off over the past 10 years and his knowledge and his energy always make the trip that much better. It was my first time skiing with Rich and I was stoked to see that although he was safe, he was patient he was also willing to guide us into terrain that I would have NEVER skied on my own and in doing that he took me to experiences I wont soon forget.

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