Friday, May 02, 2008

C.O.G.G.S Agenda

So the new energy at the local mountain bike club(COGGS) here in Duluth is at 11 and it is very refreshing. The Cyclists of Gitchee Gummi have had some changes in personal and thus some fresh vigor. The qoutes at the bottom of the post refer to two ways you can give back to Duluth Mountain biking this weekend. Also keep in mind that the clean up of Chester Creek is this Saturday. More info at Chester Creek Sweep

"Two options for all you do-gooders out there.

8 am the Arrowhead Bowhunter's Alliance is going to clean up all of Skyline Parkway between 40th Ave W and Beck's Road. Meet at 8 am at Wheeler Field to get bags and be assigned your section. We want to demonstrate to these fine gentlemen that we are willing to cooperate and work with them and this is a good way to spread some good will between outdoor enthusiasts.

Opportunity #2 - Team Fraboni and company are going to do the Munger clean-up at 9 am on Saturday as well. Meet at the intersection of the Munger and Riverside drive. COGGS sponsors this section of the Munger so it's our job to keep it clean.

So pick one of these two projects and help out on saturday. Bring your kids, make it fun. Laugh in face of inclement weather. See you out there.


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