Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nothing heals like a night on the Brookie Stream

I used my "Human Powered" ATV to access my favorite Brook Trout Stream. The water was up but just enough to fill the better holes and sure enough the brookies were there, voracious as ever! After the death of Blaine a few weeks ago, it was nice to have some slow time on the stream, no noise but the bubbling of the brook and the swish of the rod.

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dharma bum said...

Hansi - I'm awfully sorry to hear about the passing of Blaine. Your post regarding his passing was a touching tribute.

You're right that nothing heals like a night on a brookie stream. Spending time alone on a trout stream has proved to be one of the best ways I know to deal with the hard things in life. Glad you got out there. Beautiful pics too.