Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bridge out in Winona, MN

So just when you think that man is bigger than nature, something happens to humble us. Not that a Bridge failing is a natural disaster or something, but certainly the fact that the river it is crossing is so big that there are no other options for crossing it is........
So that is what is happening here in Winona,MN. I grew up here, have crossed that bridge a million times for both reasonable things (Like my wedding) and things Nefarious (IE, underage drinking). In reality though the failing of that bridge will hamstring the whole region. For me personally on my frequent trips to visit my place of work, Wenonah Canoe, it means an added hour of driving. For many of the employees it means a trip that used to be literally minutes to work will be 70 miles and over an hour of drive time. I know that Jeremy Smith (Accessories Manager at CD), has already set up his canoe commute to beat the drive. The city itself is trying to set up a River Ferry to get people across. For a small town it is certainly a disaster of real proportions. The two closest bridges to Winona, the hub city of the region are 30 miles south and 40 miles north. Not that politics should play into this sort of thing, but hey, any money in MN for bridge work these days???? Why do we have no ability to keep up our infrastructure??
The best part about this whole thing is that when I picked up the Minneapolis paper (the big city paper around here) I saw that the feature photo (also on this blog) is of my old friend Jim (Mudcat) Grant. The veteran and definitive folk singer in town, a classic counter culture, scream at the man dude (that is why I love him) and to see that he was the "cyclist" that just rolled across the bridge is priceless!

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