Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cardboard bike

I am a fair weather blogger. I usually only post when there is something I think is worth putting out there. Well sometimes life is un-inspiring and thus I have not posted in a while. In any case I was perusing the blogosphere and ran into this interesting post about a Cardboard Bike that will retail for $30.00. It was too crazy to not post about, plus I was surprised to have not seen it on Cars are Coffins or The Piton or some other crazy industry site. In any case it seems like a sweet idea for those trips to cities where you need to travel but dont want to rent a car or spend the money to have your expensive bike shipped. Have it sent to your hotel then toss it once you need to leave..........or light it on fire and ghost ride it down the street giving it its viking funeral pyre burial.........

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