Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tis the season, for singletrack cruisin........Copper Harbor Fat Tire Festival O8

Hot days cool nights. Dry trails, turning leaves. Long miles and big smiles. Tired legs and Dopplebocks. All things that I hope to find this weekend in the Keweenaw Pennisula. First, it is my b-day (38 years young) and I hope to hack out a 38 mile single track day on the Keweenaw Trails. Second it is the Copper Harbor Fat Tire Festival of which I hope to ride the course, due to my heart condition I cant race but I can certainly cheer on my fellow Dulutians who will. The race is put on by Keweenaw Adventure Company a fine looking establishment in Copper Harbor, MI. I grabbed the fall photo from thier site and it was taken by Chuck Haney who looks like a sick photographer.
We plan on camping at Mclain State Park for a few days and hanging in Houghton, MI. Riding the Michigan Tech trails, Churning Rapids trails and then hanging at the Keweenaw Brewing Company for after ride recovery beverages. Hopefully we will also hook up with the famed Latvian, Arne from Downwind Sports. From there we will travel north to Copper Harbor and the festival. Should be a ripping weekend.

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