Monday, September 15, 2008

Classic Minnesota

Last weekend we spent some time canoeing and fishing on the border lakes in the BWCA. It was also the opening weekend for "Thunder Chickens" so we spent some time gathering both walleyes and grouse for the fry pan. If I could say anything about the weekend it was a great time, good people, classic Minnesota food and fall colors..... We also were able to paddle the new MN II canoe from Wenonah, a slightly deeper version, a half inch in the bow, a full inch in the center. The new depth was not noticed by Marg in the bow (no knuckle whacks) and was appreciated when we were quartering faily good sized waves in the middle of South Fowl lake on the way out. As for the classic speed of the MN II, still there!


dharma bum said...

sounds like a blast! :)

Andy said...

Was up there too this weekend (South Kawishiwi). Even when the weather goes south, good ol' camp cooking still keeps the spirit afloat.

Erik said...

I was up there and caught a lot of smallmouth on John Lake.