Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Copper Harbor MTB fest and Keweenaw riding lives up to the Hype

Margaret and I spent an amazing birthday weekend in the Keweenaw. We ended up riding, Churning Rapids, Tech Trails and also the Swede Town trails while camping just north of Houghton. We had some great beers at the Keweenaw Brewing Company and also an amazing dinner at the Michigan House Cafe. From there we headed north to some killer swimming holes, jam heaven at the Jam Pot, a place where Monks in the Society of St.John sell bakery items and bakery products to sustain their order. We then did what I would certainly call the best MTB riding in the Midwest, hands down, no question. After a pretty solid summer of riding the better rated singletrack in the MN, WI, MI region, I will take a stand and say that the crew in Copper Harbor wins it all. The trails are buff, they are imaginative, they have huge vertical drop, insane vistas and with the "Stairway to Heaven" a 1,000 foot descending bridge they put themselves so far ahead of any other trail system in the midwest and on par with any riding I have done in the states.

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Monty said...

Hey Hansi, I love reading your blog. It keeps me in touch with good ol' Duluth. It was also nice to see my bro riding in Da U.P.