Thursday, September 25, 2008

Radio Frequency Ablation

While I do not feel that blogging is a way to tell people about your medical issues, I have found that due to the amount of calls and interest in what is happening to me, that this might be an easy way to hit a bunch of people all at once. First, thanks to all of you who have wished me luck this weekend.

In any case for those of you who have had questions the issue that I have is called Atrial Fibrillation. The procedure that I am enduring is called Radio Frequency Ablation. I head down to The Mayo Clinic for two days of intensive testing and then, if my signs say it is a go, I have the procedure. The Ablation procedure is pretty common. Mayo does over 500 a year, if you start speaking with people about this you will be amazed at how many people have had it, so my confidence is high in both getting through the procedure and in having it be successful.
Never the less, Elmo and the boys, I have my St.Bernard medal around my neck.......Most of my buddies who I ski with have a version of the patron Saint of Skiers and Alpinists on at any one time, this particular one was with me when we pulled Elmo (he has one too) out of the snowpack so it has some pretty heavy powers!!!


skimohr said...

May the force be with you Hansi. We are thinking of you always, and wish you the best in the coming days!

-Brian and Emily

monty j said...

Best of luck Hansi!! I work with patients that have this done all the time. I also have a friend who had an ablation in her late 20s. She has done great and has seen her physical capabilities meet her demands with bike racing, with running, and with skiing!! Once again best of luck!!


Binner said...

Thanks for the update Hansi!
Will be thinkin' of you and pulling for you to have a worry free weekend! Love your pendant, it sounds like it truly is powerful! Safe travels you two, binner

canoelover said...

RFA is no big deal. Steph had it too on a different chunk of anatomy and was better in a day.

We will, however, still keep you in our thoughts and prayers. The the surgeon that you have a paddling date in a few weeks so don't screw it up. :-) DB

dharma bum said...

wishing you good health, hansi!