Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vote Yes

Vote Yes! On the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Listening to NPR yesterday I heard a piece about the Amendment, the opposition to the law, which would have dedicated funding to clean water and the environment were lamenting the 3/8 of of one percent increase in the sales tax that they would have to put out to fund it. How can we afford NOT to do it? In contrast check out the Minnnesotans for Responsible Recreation web page and see the stats that group has compiled on the taxes we all pay to fund ATV's in this state.

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FM River Riders said...

Hansi -

I did some research on this for a local non-profit I am a part of and when I called Vote Yes they said that money won't be used to fund ATV trails.

I was also curious about how representatives would be selected. It sounds the NE MN will probably be well represented, but us folks in the W and NW might be out of luck.

I am going to post over at MN Kiting tonight to help raise some awareness.