Monday, October 13, 2008

Good book

So lately I have been more into reading than blogging but I am starting to recover enough to want to get back on the web again. In any case I have been called an "addicted reader" before and I actually admit to it. I usually have three books going at one time, usually put one to two away a week and my illness has certainly not changed that one bit. In any case the book that most sticks in my mind and my heart is Thomas Maltman's book called The Night Birds. If you are a Minnesotan and you have any sense of history you need to pick up this book. If you are a person interested in history in general you need to read this book. For me this was the first book that I have read that honestly and truly gives you an idea of what it was like to be a pioneer in Minnesota in the 1850's and 60's. It also gives you an even bigger impression of what it was like to be a Native American in the same period of time. It does not pick sides, yet it gives you a window into the darkest days of Minnesotas history. Imagine if Stephen King wrote a historical fiction, based on fact, based on history that we stumble over every day as Minnesotan's and you have The Night Birds.

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dharma bum said...

thanks for the recommendation! i was actually at the library last night catching up on email and blogs and whatnot (internet problems at home) and read this... somehow the library I was at was the only one in the system that this book was checked out of. I put in a request, sounds like a cool read.