Thursday, November 20, 2008

Banff World Tour in Duluth, Sunday and Monday

The traveling version of the Banff festival will be in Duluth this weekend. It is being put on by Duluth XC. As I have already seen a good chunk of the films I am helping DXC pick the line up. Looks like there are some great ones. The film though that I am most interested in showing is called Red Gold. Red Gold is a beautifully shot film about a place called Bristol Bay in Alaska. It explores how the society and culture of a small town is dealing with a proposed Copper Sulfide Mine at the headwaters of its salmon fishery. Not only is this film important to Alaska, it is important to Minnesota as we are facing the same mining pressures here. This film is a must see for any sportsman or outdoorsperson who is interested in what the arrival of the mines will mean on a personal level. The photo is of Ben and Travis the makers of this incredible film, I was lucky to have a beer with them after the showing of their film at Banff. Not only are they great film makers they seem to be great people as well.

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Austin said...

Holy crap! Those guys were just in Portland shooting our shop!

I agree they are cool folks. . .