Thursday, December 11, 2008

Duluth Surf Scene

It is amazing how much press Lake Superior Surfing receives! Every time I turn around I am seeing the same article with the same faces!
When I worked at Patagonia my fellow sales rep built me a sweet 9'6 "Fresh Water" Long board, build with extra bouyancy and shape for short frequency waves. I will never forget the time I finally was able to get out on the lake to use it. It was brutal! Unlike tidal surfing, it was completely wind driven so scratching up the line was super physical, coming down was ok, but if you missed the wave you were instantly over the zone and had to resume scratching. It is a labor of love and obviously these guys love it!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Torske Klubben

This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend a meeting of the Torske Klubben This is a Norwegian Mens club that is quite literally a fish lunch with a large crowd of extremely successful Norwegian immigrants and Norwegian Americans.
Since the club was founded in 1933, the menu has been the same: torsk (cod) with melted butter, flatbread, coffee and, of course, two shots of aquavit — one shot to start the meal and one shot to end it.
Blaine Harstad, my wifes father was a member for decades and had invited me to attend in the past. The club is rooted in tradition and also in the idea that ties with Norway and Minnesota are important and must be maintained. The biggest contribution of the club is its Scholarship fund that compliments the Fulbright Scholarship, in fact I learned at the meeting that the Torske Klubben has given out more money here in Minnesota than the Fulbright has when you factor in it has been doing it since 1933. The men at this club are truly amazing. At this single meeting I met Walter Mondale, the Ambassador of Norway and many many other incredibly smart individuals. I thank my friend Larry Molesather for inviting me.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Skate Shredding shot

Elmo came from Utah for Thanksgiving. This is his first shot at Nordic Skating.

Mini T-day at the Weiks New House

So imagine that you have moved to a new place, decided to start a small farm and build your dream home. Now also imagine that to accomplish that, you would be living in an old trailer, no heat, no water and no space for the three of you. Lastly imagine that you are going to build the house by yourself as fast as possible with help from some of your friends. A year and half later, you finally get heat, electricity and water in and you can get out of the ramshackle trailer and move into the new home. Well that was the Thanksgiving the Weiks had this year, happy to be in their new home, with heat, water, electricity and some new cats as well.....