Monday, August 31, 2009

Heck of the North

This year for my bday, September 1st, I asked Margaret if I could do the Heck of the North. So today, never mind that I have no bike for this venture, or little experience in riding long distance on gravel, or even training for that matter, I dropped in my entry. The entry was little more than a postcard, no fee with my name and address on it, plus what type of bike I will be riding (???) geared or not geared etc. So hey if anybody has a cross bike out there that fits a large dude, please let me know!


mark scotch said...

kinds sounds like our BALLS run we started a couple years ago.
Last year was pretty predicable, but 2 years ago....wowza

Charlie Farrow said...

Hansi: Great News...Looking forward to seeing you at the start line.