Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mountain Bike Militia

I just had to point out this awesome site. The Mountain Bike Militia. Must be the redneck in me but there is some interesting stuff on here. I especially like the fact that they state that mountain bikes are "Apocalypse" safe. Whew, good to know!


mark scotch said...

nice find

Charlie Farrow said...

Hey Hansi: Just got back from the La Crosse WEMS race...Itz such a great course, EXCEPT for the random logs that they place willy-nilly on the trail? Why do they do that??? Itz so hard on the bike (and body) and these logs have the effect of destroying what could be an amazing race course...Am I way off base here? I know nothing of the science behind course design. Have you ridden there? Everyone I spoke with felt like the logs must be placed to appease the "free-rider" community. My wheels are all messed up and Eki's shocks are leaking oil. I am a wreck, help me...Such a shame!!! Are they with IMBA? If so, you need to intercede :)

ps We need to start up meeting on Fridays?

Loki said...

Yo Charlie!
That is so funny you say that, or you were speaking to them about MY bemoaning the fact that there are so many log hops there! I am of the opinion that they kill the flow for sure. They are one of the best IMBA clubs in the territory, they just like log hops!!